Who are we?


We are a company with a vast experience, engaged in the production, wholesale and retail of marine technical goods, with a narrow focus in shipping industry especially on ship supply. It all started in 2006 in Varna, where we took the challenge of offering quality services along the Bulgarian coast. Therefore, our first steps were to invent our own development concept with established principles of work and development. The results did not take long. Today, 12 years later, our company runs a successful route along the West Black Sea coast and is a benchmark for professionalism. Our trained and motivated team “sail” through all the difficulties every single day, so it may continue on its maritime development path.



The newest for us…

Happy Women`s day!

You can do almost anything you put your mind too…  You can swim the deepest ocean and climb the highest peak…  You can face adversity and still work dauntless.  You are strong, beautiful, compassionate…much more than words could ever say.  Today is yours as any other day!  Happy Women’s Day from Trans-Mar Services!

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