Our wheel of values… 

The first point of reference in our wheel of values ​​is fundamental and it is related to the SATISFACTION of our work. This inevitably leads to the QUALITY of the workflow and improvement of the customer relationship mechanisms.

THE QUALITY of the service rendered fortified our position and helped us build our clients’ TRUST, which is quite essential for us. This encourages and incites us to be even better and better.

Thus, for 12 years we’ve been building our SUCCESS wheel and reached its very center – where we locate the perfect balance of TIME and costs. Where we save your TIME and money, we provide QUALITY, and win your TRUST that we most need to push forward.

Recognizing customer needs is a mandatory prerequisite for work, and the express and seamless delivery of the products and services required has become a real mission of our company. This has helped us to grow and in 2013 we opened an office in port Constanta, Romania. Overspreading the main Romanian ports has become our target because we knew we were already prepared to expand outside the Bulgarian border.

Here in the company we are trying to stay away from: “We know everything!” Because nobody is perfect! Every day we are seek for new opportunities, new knowledge. Over time, we have learned that a successful and sustainable business requires constant improvement and expanding our abilities. That is why we strive to always operate on a high level and not to compromise on quality.

Quality Objectives 2019