Print-on-demand (POD) is a printing technology and business process in which charts are printed upon receipt of an order, allowing prints of singular or small quantities in a short time period. To produce a POD chart, cloud-based encrypted chart data files are received upon request from the updated Admiralty database. This secure data ensures there is no manipulation of size or content. Charts are then printed on dedicated, Admiralty-recommended printer, using Admiralty-provided paper and cut to Admiralty chart specifications.

In addition to hand-corrected, up-to-date stock charts, the Trans-Mar Services’ Nautical Charts & Publications Department now provides Print-on-Demand (POD) service for Admiralty charts which allows us to print the latest standard nautical charts on site and fulfil any urgent orders in the quickest time possible, if we do not already have the chart in stock in the quantity required. This speeds our efficiency and allows backup redundancy. With POD and our hand-corrected stock, we can now provide our clients immediate access to 99% of their requirement for BA charts.

At the time of printing, POD charts are up to date with the latest Admiralty Notices to Mariners.

Trans-Mar Services Ltd. is certified with ISO9001:2015 which helps maintain the high BA standard of quality. Once a day an in-house print test is run to verify the color, size and alignment against an Admiralty master print. Once a month a test print is sent to Admiralty, who then verify all aspects of the product.