Since November 2012, Trans-Mar Services has been certified by the Russian Maritime Register of Shipping for the production of pilot and embarkation rope ladders, as well as for testing and subsequent certification of the fitness of the ladders.

Rope Ladder design is the result of many years of experience in this area, leading into the regulations and safety of the end user. All Pilot or Embarkation Ladders are manufactured based on the specific customer requirements and are delivered worldwide.

Our ladders are made of materials with certified quality and are equipped with:

– Unique serial number

– Manufacturer’s certificate with the same serial number;

– Instructions for use,

We also offer to our clients the following additional rigging services:

  • entanglement of 8-strand braided ropes with eyes
  • manufacture of “bosun rope chairs”
  • manufacture of rope and chain clam cleats
  • manufacture of “rescue flings”
  • entanglement of wire rope slings
  • entanglement of cargo and safety nets