14 years ago we set up our business with limited resources and lots of enthusiasm. Like all beginnings ours wasn’t easy as well. Dreams, ambitions and lots of hard work and that all in a single 18 sq. m store for marine goods and navigational equipment right in the centre of Varna. A small business – that’s the word we used to define ourselves in the beginning.


A year later was the moment of the crucial decision which would determine whether we would leave the “small business” frames. We went on and rented four additional spots and started growing.


After the first few years on the market we knew who we are and what we can do. We expanded and that inevitably changed us. Our retail store turned into a supplier unit with a desirable range of products in our catalogue. It took us only three years to set solid foundation on the market and to become highly reputable. In 2009 Trans-Mar Services was among the biggest companies in the Bulgarian marine shipping branch. We were confident we could do more and we didn’t stop there. In 2012 our business left our country’s borders and we established a representative office in Turkey, followed by another one a year later in Romania.


By 2016 Trans-mar Services has become the biggest Bulgarian marine shipping company with a considerable market share on Bulgarian and Romanian soil.


We became specialists in the motto that we had followed all along: “You name it, we’ve got it!” and we even started production. Our services reached all world corners, thus helping us build solid partnerships on international level.


Expanding our business we got to the next important step in our development – expanding our headquarters.

As we follow all world trends we decided not to rent a new building space, but to build our own according to our needs, demands and design. We spent two years researching and looking for the most suitable place. That one we found in the most quickly developing industrial area in the City of Varna – only 3km away from it, in the settlement of the village of Topoli. A year – that long took us to build one of the most modern owned spaces in the City of Varna and the region.


Dear customers, partners and friends, we are glad to announce that the new headquarters of Trans-Mar Services are now officially completed!


Our new office building and the adjacent 9 warehouses include an area of 3200 sq.m. The European quality of our new office meets all requirements for architectural design and functionality. We account for 1700 Euro pallet spots, 586 sq. m for storage of middle weight goods, 360 sq. m food storage space, emergency generators and all other contemporary conditions needed for us to run business, all of that on an overall area of 6175 sq.m. Following our environmental policy, in the coming year we are about to install solar photovoltaics in order to be more energy efficient.

Unfortunately, as a result of the worsening conditions in the country, we were not able to celebrate this special for us moment together.

We are confident that in such a modern working environment we will reach new heights! World markets are before our eyes and the only thing needed to set foot there is professionalism, ambition and passion, and all that we’ve already got!

Congratulations to us!