On 17.10.2017 Trans-Mar Services EOOD, partnering with the Greek company Global Navigation Solutions SA, started the implementation of an administrative contract for the provision of financial aid under the “Human Resources Development” Operational Programme 2014-2020, project selection procedure BG05M9OP001-4.001 “Transnational and Danube Partnerships for Employment and Growth”.

The implementation period of the project is 13 months, commencing on 17.10.2017 and ending on 17.11.2018.

The total project value is BGN 195,532.31, of which the European financing amounts to BGN 185,755.69 and the national financing – BGN 9,776.62.

Trans-Mar Services follows a substantial development path, building solid relationships with its colleagues. The basis of the project unites the efforts of the two companies on the principle: “We give experience – we gain experience”. The project creates fruitful and useful cooperation in the following areas:

– labor market and job quality;

– promoting transnational partnerships in terms of models for increasing the number of employees, as well as improving labour organization and conditions;

– adaptation of workers, enterprises and entrepreneurs to change.

The envisaged project activities include:

– organization and management;

– information and communication;

– adapting and / or validating innovative models and services from another country;

– enhancing the capacity of partners and stakeholders in the filed of development, implementation, monitoring and evaluation of good practices through workshops, seminars, trainings, etc.;

– evaluation of the results achieved with regard to the feasibility of innovative elements;

– dissemination of the results achieved;

– specific analyzes and studies of the Greek partner’s experience;

– development / inclusion in partner networks, twinning.

Based on the implementation of the above activities, the following results are expected to be achieved:

– improving the interregional and transnational cooperation between organizations in the eligible geographical area;

– achieved results, such as transferring and implementing innovative and good practices, partnership approaches, exchange of ideas, knowledge;

– development of a partner network.

The sea is not connected with ports by chance. Wherever you sail, you will always get “across.” And “across” is a new opportunity to be better!