On the occasion of expanding its activities and increased supply to local and foreign customers, Trans-Mar Services purchased a new RENAULT MASTER.

The truck is the thirteenth member of the Trans-Mar Services auto-family.

The purchase of this truck aims for a better and faster service towards the customers of Trans-Mar Services as well as accuracy in the execution of the assigned supplies. With each new vehicle, the speed and volume of deliveries are increased by reducing the response time from receiving the order to its final destination.

The truck has a load capacity of 3.5 tons, making large deliveries to customers much easier, more convenient and faster. The electro-hydraulic body board and its 750 kg load capacity allow for much faster loading and unloading operations.

The new RENAULT acquisition is also a tradition of the company, because all cars that We have at Trans-Mar Services are from the Renault / Dacia group purchased by Alliance Auto Varna Ltd., a long-time partner of the company.

The truck is also in the traditional white color of the company. For the quality of branding of all our trucks and cars are responsible our experts and specialists from Trans-Mar Advertising, a subsidiary company of Trans-mar service.